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If you are in a difficult social situation, you may be eligible to use so called social services. Social services are governed by a new Act 448/2008 Coll. on Social Services, that has replaced the former system of so called social assistance.

The aim of provision of social services is prevention, solution, or mitigation of unwanted social situation of individuals, support of abilities of an individual to lead self-sufficient life and prevention of social exclusion, and securing of conditions for satisfaction of individuals' basic life needs.

Social services include the following:

  • social services to secure necessary conditions for satisfaction of basic life needs in accommodation facilities,
  • social services to support families with children (especially help with child care),
  • social services to solve unwanted social situation for the reason of heavy health impairment, unwanted medical state, or for the reason of reaching pension age (caretaking service, transport service, guide service, reading service, interpretation service, arranging personal assistance, lending gadgets),
  • social services with use of telecommunications technologies,
  • support services.

Social services can be used by Slovak citizens, foreign nationals - EU/EEA citizens, and foreign nationals with permanent or temporary residence permit.

When using the social service, the beneficiaries should proceed as follows:

  1. Slovak citizen or foreign national will ask for evaluation of being reliant on the specific social service,
  2. municipality/region will do medical and social evaluation procedure and issue a medical and social report, report of being reliant on the social service and a decision about being reliant on the social service,
  3. Slovak citizen or foreign national who has a decision about being reliant on the social service will request the municiaplity/region to provide the social service.


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