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Educational & requalification courses support for migrants Print
The last chance to submit the application form to gain financing for education or requalification course in this project period. In case of interest, submit the application from before 31.3.2015.

Are you a foreign national having difficulties to find a job in Slovakia? Would you like to improve your qualifications or acquire new ones? The Migration Information Centre of the International Organization for Migration (MIC) in Bratislava and Košice will help you with your job search and advise you on the possibility of improving your skills and qualifications.

We offer you the opportunity of a financial contribution towards a requalification or educational course of your choice. The course should help you acquire qualifications in a field, in which you wish to work or in which you have been working without the required qualification.

You can apply for the allowance providing that:

  • You are not a citizen of the Slovak Republic or of any other EU member state;
  • You have legal residence in the Slovak Republic;
  • The completion of an educational/retraining course will help you find employment;
  • You can speak Slovak on a level that would enable you to do the course and benefit from it;
  • The completion of a course will help you integrate into the labour market or into society in Slovakia.
The financial contribution from the MIC IOM will enable you to attend, for example, language courses, computer courses, management courses, professional skills courses, etc. The MIC staff will gladly assist you with finding a suitable course.

The selection committee is composed of a team of MIC experts and reviews all the applications individually. Please note that there is no legal entitlement to this funding.

Applications for educational or requalification courses are accepted continuously.
If you wish to apply for this funding or wish to find out more, contact us by phone 02/5263 0023 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


UPOZORNENIE: Zmena v platení správnych poplatkov Print
Od 1. decembra 2014 bol zastavený predaj kolkových známok. Známky zakúpené pred týmto dátumom je možné použiť na úhradu správnych poplatkov (napr. za podanie žiadosti o udelenie pobytu na oddelení cudzineckej polície) do 31. decembra 2014.

Od 1. decembra 2014 je zároveň možné platiť správne poplatky prostredníctvom tzv. e-kolkov, ktoré si zakúpite v automatoch umiestnených priamo na príslušnom oddelení cudzineckej polície alebo na pošte.

Nepoužité kolkové známky môžete vrátiť na pobočke Slovenskej pošty do 30. novembra 2015.
A new brochure: Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia Print
The aim of the brochure Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia 2014 is to provide an overview of information about the terms and conditions of employment of foreign nationals in Slovakia.
It will give you practical advice as well as important reminders of obligations resulting from the legal system of the Slovak Republic when you want to get employed and during the  term of your employment in Slovakia. According to the residence type you hold in Slovakia and according to the type of work you intend to perform, different rights and obligations apply. Therefore we advise you to carefully read the whole brochure. If needed, we also recommend you to read the section Residence on the MIC website

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